Monday, 13 August 2012

Oranges and lemons

Since I was about 4 until 12 years old we lived in the Shetland Islands, which in itself isn't terribly interesting, but bare with me this does go somewhere...

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I was born in Dorchester, Dorset, my whole family comes from either Dorset or Sheffield, and we moved up to the Island of few trees and much wind due to fathers job. This meant one thing, many, many hours of being locked up in the back of a car, trolling from one end of the country to the other. I spent a lot of my childhood in cars, not to mention that my family had a small budget, so all auto repairs were done by my dad, who I watched take apart engines and put them back together with wide eyed 7 year old enthusiasm.

As a horrible side effect and I am totally addicted to cars, to the point where I bore people to near on tears. I always wanted to drive and therefore on my 17th birthday I was out learning ASAP! And now I am at the age where I can afford to buy a stupid stupid lemon of a car.

So how did I come to the decision of a Capri?

My perfect five car garage would consist of:

1, 1950's VW Split Screen camper
2, Austin Mini cooper (not that daft BMW)
3, Ford Capri, MKIII
4,1960's VW Beetle
5,Triumph Stag

I am 21. I am as near enough as is socially acceptable, unemployed, and I have only £1000 for a car. 

Well Capri it is then! 

I came to this conclusion about two years ago, and have been on and off searching for a Capri ever since... 

I would like to make this totally clear now, I have never dabbled in the second hand car market, I am no experienced mechanic, I just like cars, and want to bring you through the whole experience of buying, owning, maintaining, certain death due to aforementioned maintenance, and the joy of owning a car you have always dreamt of. 


  1. Good luck! I am most definitely a car geek and will be following with interest :)

  2. I will most definetly be following and will be very impressed if you got a Capri for £1000 are you going got the 2.2 litre or the 3 litre engine ? Fingers are crossed for you and if you need a hand just ask. I will be doing the same thing in a few years I am really excited for you good luck . From Adam midwinter

    1. Im going for the 1.6 or the 2.0 litre at the moment! Can't really justify anything bigger with my budget! Thanks for looking!