Thursday, 23 August 2012

Camping with the Capri

Camping with a Capri.....

I have until the end of this month (when the road tax runs out) to use the Capri, and so far have been using it as an every day car so far! Its a fab little motor and I have had no 'real' problems with it other than one...

So anyway, I got my best mates together, and proposed a night in the new forest, taking the Capri, a tent, drinks and food. It was a great night! We got there, set up and were drinking by mid-day. By 6pm I was off my face. We had a roaring camp fire and all was going well, we cooked, drank and played poker until the early hours of the morning.

During which time, our attention turned to the name of the Capri, all my cars have had names, and they are usually based on something funny or predominant about the car (e.g - I had a VW polo called minty). After deciding that she is a low riding, thirsty girl, with 8 previous owners we decided she was a slut, and were looking for slutty girl names. Candice, cindy, etc, etc.....

However, eventually it was decided that she is going to be called Michelle. Why's this? 

She is the Laser edition. And if you haven't seen this scene from dodge ball prepare to be educated.

Yeah the quality of that is pretty poor but you get the idea...

Michelle it is then.

Waking up to a warm august day, mainly due to being hungover and sweating from places I never knew existed, we packed up, showered, ate and got ready, all jumped in the car, turned the ignition and.......



I had always been a bit suspicious of how quickly the car turns over when starting, at first I thought it was just a slow starter motor, or just an old car! But nope, turns out it was the battery, which had held out well until the one day when I really needed it. So there we were, car full of stuff, with four people over an hour away from home. 

After rather unsuccessfully trying to 'push start it' I walked around the camp-site to ask fellow campers for a hand, and this is where the Capri magic kicks in! The first bloke I walked up to said

 - "Your the chap with the Capri arn't you? Me and the missis have been talking about it! Lovely car pal!"
Me - "Errm...yeah! I love it!"
- "Yeah had one when I was a lad...I had the 2.8 mind..."
Me - (trying to still be polite, and bring the man out of his childhood memories) "Yeah they are nice....mines dead though, any chance you have some jumper cables I can borrow?

Long story short, the bloke didn't. He went the extra mile, tow started me with his own car, and then went for a quick drive with me in it for a trip down memory lane!

I really does blow me over what a little fan club this car has! Here is a picture of the car (when it started!) with the tow rope. 

Anyway, this was just a quick ramble to show what I have been up to! The next blog will be about the things that have already gone wrong/ been mended and what is going to happen to it in the upcoming weeks!

Stay tuned!

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